12 Baskets Cafe

Hey Folks!

So sorry I haven’t posted in a month but I’m about to break that streak!

I’ve been loving Asheville, my community here and my work placement.  This year I am working as the Donation and Volunteer Coordinator at 12 Baskets Cafe.  12 Baskets is a volunteer-run, non-profit cafe serving rescued food from around town which opens this Monday the 10th! Our goal is to not just give out food but build community and relationships through the food we serve.  Building community through food that would otherwise be in the trash, you know God is in a ministry like that. Since we serve rescued food, this means that we save food from buffets and restaurants around town that has already been made that they would throw away if it wasn’t for us.  This means we do absolutely NO cooking in the cafe!  We have a lot of freezers, one amazing oven, one fridge and a dishwasher!  You could compare it to a soup kitchen but at 12 Baskets we are really trying to flip the service dynamic on it’s head.  For example, our volunteers will be playing the role of host/hostess, server, kitchen attendant and dishwasher.  

The other aspect of 12 Baskets which I love, we are proud to be faith based! 12 Baskets is named after the feeding of the 5000 when there were 12 Baskets left over.  I love how my boss, Shannon Spencer, describes this miracle as less of a God miracle and more of a people miracle.  When everyone offers up what they have there’s more than enough left over.  That’s what I’ve seen in the actions of others leading up to the opening of 12 Baskets.  We have had gorgeous handmade pottery donated, a local carpenter has made so many awesome things for us and all the donations of time, food and resources is just overwhelming in the best possible way.  I am so happy to be working here this year and I look forward to seeing how God lives and breathes in this space.  

If you want to see some pictures of 12 Baskets, we will be putting a lot of them on our Facebook so be sure to give that a like!

Thank you all so much for your support and stay tuned for more updates on the life of 12 Baskets!


2 thoughts on “12 Baskets Cafe

  1. I’ll be thinking of you today on your GRAND OPENING! I’m sure you will be a great success and hope to hear more about 12 Baskets!!! Lots of Love, Gramma

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  2. Hi Andy! What an exciting and amazing project to a part of this year. Feeding the hungry in a loving, joyful atmosphere truly feeds the soul. Love you! Blessings, Janet

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