Good-bye DC blog (Finally)

Hey folks!

Sorry for the delay, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I left DC!  I’m so grateful for the experience and everyone who made my year the profound, amazing experience that it was.  After I left, I went home to Tucson to recharge my batteries, see the famil, check in with my mentors and do some fundraising (thank you SO much to ALL that have supported me in my fundraising so far, I’m super close to meeting my goal!).  THEN I drove out to Asheville with my sister!  We went from Albuquerque to Fort Smith, Arkansas to Nashville.  We had a great time and experienced some lovely southern hospitality along the way.  I finished the last leg to Asheville all by myself and I’ve been here for a week now with my new community!  I have a great feeling about the town, my placement and my community and details on all will follow in my next blog but for now, I’m going to post my final blog from my time in DC.  This post is a conglomeration of pictures of my bike ride to and from work so you can all see what I saw almost everyday!


First and foremost, this is the view looking out our front door!  Don’t mind the weeds…

20160728_102613 (1)

This was a thing I loved seeing in people’s yards in DC which I had never seen before.  It was a car tire turned inside out and used as a pot for a plant.


This was just a couple blocks down from our house!  Just showing some love in the heat of the summer


Don’t mind my finger in the way but this was one of the houses I passed everyday and I just loved it’s unique positioning on the corner.


This was a common thing that always annoyed me, but what can you do?  Overgrown tree roots messing with the sidewalk.


These trucks always made me laugh.  DC Water was our water supplier in the District and their motto was “Drink Tap”, although we heard from many people throughout the year that women of child bearing age in DC shouldn’t drink the tap water….


This was a fun intersection, Georgia and New Hampshire.  Behind me is a hill where I nearly got hit by people opening their car doors on multiple occasions.  As I always used to say biking in DC was always a practice in faith!


I always loved this view.  This was after I turned onto 11th Street.


I just love the architecture of some original homes in DC.


So these heritage trails were all over the town in DC, nearly every neighborhood had one.  I didn’t do as many as I wanted to at the time but if you’re ever in town I strongly suggest it.


See the Washington Monument in the distance?? That’s already one thing I miss.  Just being able to look around town and randomly see the White House or The Capitol building or this lovely monument.


If you look close this is a good example of gentrification in DC.  On the right you can see the traditional brick house and just behind it is a new apartment building and it just doesn’t look like it belongs there.


I don’t remember what intersection this was but it was Florida Ave and something.  I always pushed past this intersection as fast as I could because the intersection after this one had a bike traffic light and I nearly always had to wait around what seemed like forever for my green bike light


This is looking left from the intersection above.  The cathedral is St. Augustine Catholic Church which is a historic black church which started by a group of dedicated emancipated black Catholics.  Amazing architecture and a fantastic story with members dedicated to social justice.


Here’s another heritage trail board only this one is for U Street.


and another finger!


These next few pictures are of embassies within Dupont Circle where Church of the Pilgrims is located!


In the distance is the fountain within Dupont Circle park which the Dupont Circle neighborhood is named after.  This was a great place relax in the grass, do some street outreach or attend a vigil or a rally.


This is the western half of Dupont Circle


Portuguese Embassy’s rear entrance!


Bagels….and stuff!  One of my favorite restaurants in Dupont Circle, they have a killer Turkey Avocado sandwhich, the workers are sweethearts and they sold day old bagels for a bargain!  Miss this place.


Soho Tea and Coffee!  Right across the street from the church.  This is where we always went to work when wifi was down at the church and where we went for our monthly goal and intention setting and even a great place to catch a 1 on 1 with someone from church or the community!  The usual barista Sammy and I were good friends.  He always called me Little Red Riding Hood because I have red hair and rode a bike which is sweet but not a very clever nickname if we’re being honest with ourselves….


And here’s my church!  I miss this place and the people within it but I WILL be back to visit sometime this year.

And NOW, here’s the way home!


This is the inside of Church of the Pilgrims.  We never preached from that main pulpit beneath the Pride Flag, there is a smaller one that is pushed off to the side for some reason.  This congregation felt a call to social justice and this is how we chose to embody it.


There were lots of these statues around Dupont Circle probably because it was so close to embassy row.  But I walked past this guy everyday and I know nothing about him.


I know this guy!  He was fittingly across the street from the Indian Embassy.


Kramerbooks!  This was a great little bookstore with the BEST pie in town.


Diego’s was where I always got my hair cut.  It was cheap and it’s where all the foreign dignitaries got there hair done too!


Argentina’s Embassy!


Pretty architecture in Dupont Circle.


Yet another Heritage Trail sign!  This time in Logan Circle.


Just loved this port-o-potty’s name!


I just loved so much of DC’s original architecture.

20160721_170951 (1)

And one more heritage trail sign!


These pictures above and below are just examples of DC pride.  Lots of local companies incorporated the District’s flag into their signage.


Here’s a Capital Bikeshare stop!  This is usually the one I docked at between work and home.  You can only have a bike out for 30 minutes at a time without being charged so I checked in at this one then took it back out again because a bike ride home was usually about 35 minutes.


This is what gentrification looks like.


A rare vacant lot!  There aren’t many of these in DC.


That’s Howard University in the distance!


This broken TV was just sitting here for at least 2 months


I just think it’s interesting to see how the home structures change as you get further away from the National Mall and downtown DC.

20160721_173457 (1)20160721_174520

This is looking north up Georgia and New Hampshire, the hill that I mentioned above.

20160721_18061920160721_180619 (1)

This was my favorite hill coming home!  If I got a green light at the intersection ahead I wouldn’t have to pedal for the whole ride home.


Hamilton, anyone?


This was our neighborhood cat!  I forget her name but she was so friendly and we always left water out for her


Home Sweet Home!


Kitty followed me home!


That’s my commute!  I hope you enjoyed the tour, I really miss this town and thanks again to all who supported me and made this possible for me.  As for next year, I start my new job in Asheville on Tuesday and I’ll be posting a blog later in the week to tell you all about it!

In the meantime, thanks again and God Bless


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